Meetings & Administration

The primary operational mechanism for the Great Lakes Panel to address its goals and objectives is through the conduct of in-person meetings. The Great Lakes Panel meets twice annually, normally within the timeframes of November and May. The fall meetings are held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and spring meeting locations will vary. At the close of each Great Lakes Panel meeting, the location of the next meeting will be announced, as recommended by the Great Lakes Panel Chair and Executive Committee.

Meeting agendas will be developed by the Great Lakes Panel Executive Committee with the input of the Panel coordinator. All Great Lakes Panel meetings include the following agenda items:

  • Membership roll call to determine a quorum
  • Introduction of meeting participants
  • Great Lakes Panel Business (including action and decision items, recommendations to the ANSTF meeting, plans for future meetings and other administrative Great Lakes Panel business)
  • Opportunity to provide feedback and input on regional initiatives, e.g., NOAA GLANSIS
  • Programmatic updates from regional initiatives, e.g., FWS interjurisdictional projects
  • Emerging issues and announcements
  • Public comment

A combination of plenary updates and ad hoc committee sessions is also organized for each meeting.