Research Coordination Committee

The Research Coordination Committee provides a forum for ongoing dialogue and action among the parties who conduct, manage, sponsor or apply Great Lakes-related ANS research; enhances inter-regional communication and coordination of ANS research; and develops, maintains and disseminates an ANS research inventory database and associated policy recommendations regarding ANS research priorities. Additionally, Research Committee members regularly contribute relevant ANS project ideas for interjurisdictional project funding.

Work Highlights

  • 2023: Hosted a workshop on effective and non-effective control methods for priority plants, including gaps in method availability and barriers to implementation
  • 2022: Developed a regional list of priority established invasive plants
  • 2019: Completed a funding gap analysis of five years of Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding

Committee Projects

Great Lakes Aquatic Invasive Species Regional Coordination and Invasive Aquatic Plant Control Prioritization and Needs Assessment


  • The Great Lake Panel’s Research Coordination Committee along with the Great Lakes Commission have been working to establish a comprehensive, baseline understanding of invasive aquatic plant (IAP) research and management activities and associated gaps in knowledge.
  • Literature reviews for all 20 priority IAP species were developed, which serve as a starting point for identifying management gaps and challenges associated with each species
  • A three-day workshop was held in January 2023 to refine and prioritize targeted research and management needs for 12 IAP species
  • An applied research agenda to inform future investments in IAP control is in progress
    • View Invasive Aquatic Plant Control Needs Research Agenda (coming soon!)