Policy Coordination Committee

The Policy Coordination Committee, newly re-established in 2022, coordinates development and dissemination of Great Lakes Panel policy positions on key ANS issues; exchanges information on critical ANS policy issues; promotes development and implementation of state ANS management plans; and coordinates the Great Lakes Panel’s involvement in regional policy-related initiatives addressing ANS prevention and control. Additionally, Policy Committee members regularly contribute relevant ANS project ideas for interjurisdictional project funding.

Work Highlights

  • 2020: worked with other GLP standing committees to finalize the Priorities for Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention and Control
  • 2016: work to establish and support the Grass Carp Ad Hoc Committee
  • 2015: developed a list of grass carp management priorities for submission to the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force

Produced Material

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Committee Foundational Materials

Recent Committee Projects

Reducing the risk of establishment of self-sustaining populations of grass carp in the US
  • Committee members drafted letters to the other five regional ANS Panels to understand those Panels’ interests and needs related to the regulation of diploid grass carp.
  • The committee continues to work with the other regional ANS Panels and the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force evaluate needs and next steps related to the GLP’s 2015 recommendation to the ANSTF on grass carp.