Organisms in Trade Ad Hoc Committee

The ad hoc committee for organisms in trade (OIT) was formed in 2020 to provide a forum to coordinate regional OIT initiatives and advance work to prevent ANS introduction and release via the OIT pathway in the Great Lakes region. The OIT Ad Hoc Committee meets periodically via conference calls and in-person under the auspices of the Great Lakes Panel. Additionally, OIT Committee members regularly contribute relevant ANS project ideas for interjurisdictional project funding. Priorities for the ad hoc committee to address include

  • Prioritizing trade pathways and identifying gaps in knowledge about species in trade
  • Recommending additional species for regulating in trade based on risk assessment and risk tolerance
  • Coordinating with the Great Lakes Fishery Commission Law Enforcement Committee to identify opportunities to increase awareness of ANS among enforcement personnel and support action on AIS violations

Work Highlights

  • 2023: completed a prioritization of OIT pathways for future work by the committee and coordination with industry partners
  • 2021: hosted the BIOTIC 3 Symposium, focusing on improving coordination between ANS managers and conservation law enforcement on management and enforcement within OIT pathways

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